The Virtual Event Marketplace

"In a world gone remote, speakers and entertainers haven't quite made the leap online to virtual events. Ovationz is here to change that by connecting talent with event planners, meeting hosts, and party organizers."

- Ray Leonard Jr.


01. Filterable Search

Planners can search for talent based on availability, subject matter expertise, price range, and more. If you're an event planner, find your perfect fit through filterable search. And if you're talent, sit back and let the bookings roll in!

02. Minutes to Match

Planners can book talent in less than ten minutes. They can also book with only a 24 hours notice -- if the talent permits it. An arrangement that works for everyone.

03. Options for All

When it comes to celebrities from the upper echelons, custom-recorded videos aren't affordable for everyone. On Ovationz, talent has the opportunity to offer pre-recorded videos with a custom intro; meaning small businesses can get personalized hellos from your favorite athletes, entertainers, and celebrities.

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A Better Way to Book

A Behind-the-Scenes Peek




Spearheaded by Ray Leonard Jr. and his partnership with the rebel venture studio Nobody Studios, Ovationz is a better way to book (and be booked) in an era where most events have gone virtual.


We are creating the go-to platform for quick and easy talent booking. From household names and celebrity icons, to undiscovered talent and up-and-coming greats -- we are committed to helping event planners connect with their perfect-fit talent.


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